16 de jun de 2012

SHC.exe - Compiling Bash Script under Cygwin

Well, here I am trying to compile a script in Cygwin. For Linux, we have the SHC, Francisco Rosales, which is simple to download and run, generating the binary sh.

But I need CYGWIN, because it will run in a bash shell in Windows.
Looking on Google, only found references to 2002, where it ended, or used very old versions.

That I just downloaded the latest version of the site of Francisco and made ​​a few changes, and the link below is compiled for Cygwin 1.7.15-1 shc.exe. Download, put in the bin folder of Cygwin, open a shell and run the command. The process is exactly the same, the operation is equal to the Linux and bugs as well, unless the ptrace I had to remove.

Alternatively, compile the source with gcc (gcc "shc-3.8.9 - CYGWIN.c").

Download: http://goo.gl/9JaVw

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