2 de abr de 2013

Potatoes and tomatoes

My daughter asked me what i do. Well I test software. But what is it? So I told her the parody of tomatoes and potatoes that is like that:

So God created man and wanted him to go to the market to buy potatoes and tomatoes. So ordered:
-"Take this money and go to market. Bring me five tomatoes. If they are good, bring me five potatoes."

And the man brought five wanderfull tomatoes and 5 potatoes. God thought "What a good thing, he's working!"
And sent him again and the man returned with five bad tomatoes and no potatoes.
And again and again, but always returned or with five tomatoes and five potatoes or only with 5 bad tomatoes.

So God ask to the man:
-"Hey! Why don´t you bring me potatoes when have bad tomatoes?"
And the man answered to God:
-"I go to the market and I picked five tomatoes. I obey Your order and rigorously examine whether tomatoes are bad or not. See if there's injuries, whether they are mature. Also see if they have a green leaf on top. I check if the appearance is beautiful and healthy. If all is well with the tomatoes and they are of best quality I pick up five potatoes."

So. That is what I do. I prevent that man uses the appearance of tomatoes to buy potatoes.